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A Wide Portfolio of Tools to Serve Our Clients

American Senior Benefits brandishes a broad portfolio of superb solutions to protect the unique needs of each of our clients and their families. We are committed to maintaining an extensive range of carrier relationships that keep pace with new legislation, market innovation and our client needs.

Retirement Planning

  • Receive assistance with Social Security planning & education.
  • Help Protect your savings and retirement plans from market loss and other risks.
  • Create a heightened income stream you cannot out live.
  • Receive specialized help planning for tax efficiency, reliable outcomes, & flexibility.


Estate Planning

  • Experienced Advisors married to Sophisticated Tools and support teams to develop optimal estate protection and planning strategies
  • Over 45 institutions competing for design, ratings, and value to your unique needs
  • Estate protection, tax planning, and wealth transfer strategies
  • Pension Maximization
  • Executive Section 162 and like plans
  • Special Needs estate planning for family beneficiaries


Medicare Health Insurance Plans

  • Both personal & group education on Medicare benefits
  • Wide range of underwriting criteria, situational discounts, and plan extra benefits
  • Over 50 traditional Medicare Supplement Plan providers across all plan types
  • Nine Medicare Advantage Plan carriers
  • Ongoing, personalized support for claims, adjustments, and cost controls


Chronic, Long-term Care Planning

  • A SPECIAL NOTE: This may be the single greatest financial threat to the estates and family plans of our current retiring generation. Do not ignore a sober look at this reality.
  • Learn which of five distinct strategies is optimal for your family
  • Traditional insurance plans and asset based planning without traditional premiums
  • Pool coverage between spouses
  • Over 40 institutions leveraged to craft optimal plans for our clients using the full spectrum of underwriting and plan options


Essential Protection

  • Over 40 term life insurance providers
  • We work with all ACA individual, family, and small business group health insurance providers in Utah to advantage our clients with industry changes.
  • Eight dental insuranceand vision) carriers competing to provide your coverage


Final Expense Planning

  • Personalized funeral and final expense planning
  • Over 30 competing carriers for the best fit and lowest rates
  • The complete range of simplified underwriting options for differing health & needs


Indemnity & Ancillary Coverage

  • Hospital & Acute Recovery Care
  • Cancer & Critical Illness
  • Legal Shield protection
  • Pet Insurance