Mountain States Regional Office

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Make A Difference – Protect People

Serve clients and their families in some of the most important decisions of their lives. Develop meaningful relationships with a broad range of people, soaking up their unique perspectives and experiences. At the same time become an invaluable resource to them and those they care about most as you make the complex understandable, relevant, and effective for them. We protect.


Work with an organization that holds to the mantra that we do what is right for the client – every time. The most common observation among experienced professionals joining our firm is the value system and ethical culture they find. Not only do we treat our clients with the courtesy they deserve, but our agents serve each other just as thoughtfully in what has become a family atmosphere where your neighbor is willing to lend a hand. With the right people, and honesty at the core of everything we do, we believe in the old adage, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Note that we protect our culture and quality of our teams. We provide potential recruits with a detailed explanation of both our firm and the industry along with open question and answer sessions with members of our teams. Afterward, of those that pursue a contract with us, fewer than one in four are partnered with. This is not an “entry level” profession. We believe our newest professionals should be able to demonstrate a history of success in their background as well as financial wisdom. Finally, we should also be confident that they feel the same way we do about integrity and ethics both among their associates and with our clients.


With over 100 “A” rated institutions and over 100 more niche carriers at your disposal, be a force to be reckoned with in a competitive environment. Give your clients the industry advantage, tailored to them rather than the other way around. Use sophisticated tools and dedicated specialist teams to help you select what is right for your client.

Become a solution magnet. Need the best Medigap price? Check. Need a tailored Social Security plan? Check. Retirement assets that want safety, inflationary growth, and guaranteed income – a personal pension? You have it. 1035 exchange? 1031 exchange ready planning? Supported. Simple family protection policies – of course.


Our professionals receive more current training on products, strategies, industry standards, and best practices each quarter than most receive in a year. New agents experience a steep learning curve, but find they have advanced their career the equivalent of a year after their first quarter in comparison to many of their industry peers. Field trainers serve as a primary trainer and mentor and evolve into a trusted colleague.

Receive training on professional tax planning as a contractor, business owner management, and regular personalized attention to business development and effectiveness. Access libraries of recorded training from subject matter experts from home or travel around the world to gorgeous locales to receive invaluable mentorship from industry experts who are recognized champions in their field.


Our people are unusually talented, work hard, and provide a rare and invaluable resource in short supply. For this they are compensated well as they grow in their career. Average agents expect a six-figure income within three years. The combination of support systems and compensation provided is, perhaps, unparalleled in the industry. Enjoy renewals that build true stability and wealth.


Get in front of the right people. Most firms continue to struggle with genuinely impactful, long-term marketing support. It is a keystone of our business model that we provide just such impactful and reliable marketing support across a spectrum of proprietary programs. Enjoy incredibly low marketing costs and exclusive leads. Also receive support from specialists setting appointments for you on your calendar in real time. Get access to timely demographic information and a database costing tens of thousands in development costs along with the tools to use it effectively.

Career Advancement

As you develop in your career, expand into complimentary fields with additional designations and licenses. Get introduced to the right industry professional organizations. Step by step, be groomed into unique and exciting opportunities to access and serve a broader range of clients.

We are a fast-growing company. Our region, the Mountain States Region, has enjoyed some of the fastest and most lauded growth within the company. We have need of people who become talented professionals in their field and deeply enjoy educating and developing others in their profession. Our management development system has provided our industry with a great number of talented managers throughout the united states. Our managers receive “fall-out-of-your-chair” overhead, recruiting, and back-office support. As a manager in our firm, you can expect to grow and thrive where almost all others stagnate or fall.